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Getting the right solicitor when buying a property is important. Let us find the right one to support you

Having Trouble Securing a Mortgage?

All lenders like professionals but we know the ones that make a difference. Whether you are a solicitor, accountant, barrister or vet, your career potential is incredible. You need a lender that understands that.

We will discuss your long term aims, the different types of mortgage that will be good for the ever increasing income and explain all the factors that matter to you. You are professional and you need a service that reflects that.

How is your business set up? Are you a sole trader, partnership, limited company or LLP? We understand that the different forms of self employment mean multiple ways of being paid and you need an adviser that can find the lender that suits.

With your consent we will work with your accountant to save you having to obtain information for us. We want to make your life easier so that your business comes first.

We know that contractors earn well but lenders do not always understand this. You may look after your own tax, have an umbrella company doing this or have set up your own Limited Company.

We have worked with many contractors and they all need a lender that will consider their mortgage based on their personal situation.

Speak to us today and we will find the right lender for you to make your mortgage work best.

Managing a team or a project is a time consuming role and so finding the extra hours to get a good mortgage can be tough.

At Perception we understand that managerial employment not only has varied ways of being paid but leaves you little spare time to look after your finances.

Speak to us today and we will quickly establish your overall needs and leave you to get on with your daily role knowing your mortgage is looked after.

Whether you are a plumber, electrician, carpenter or builder we understand that the way you earn your living can be varied.

You may be self employed, contracting, employed or a combination of these and that means speaking to a mortgage adviser that can work out what incomes can be used to get you the best mortgage possible.

You have a skill and use it well. Let us use ours to get you the mortgage you want.

Whatever your role in our medical services you will likely have interesting payslips and need a broker that understands that.

We know that nurses have overtime, bank work and other extras. Doctors and consultants have similar additional income streams. In fact, everyone who works in a hospital or medical practice can have a good reason to use a mortgage broker.

We are here to help you just like you are with your patients.

We've seen the payslips. With flying time, overnight allowances and various other subsidies, we know what we are looking for.

If you work for an airline, finding the time to speak to the lenders is one thing. Getting them to understand the pay structure is another thing altogether!

We will review your payslips, speak to the lenders we know are welcoming to varied pay structures and recommend a rate to suit your needs.

Whether you are a civil servant, MP or Member of the Lords we have experience of working with each.

We understand that the incomes vary between all of these but these differences are what makes it worthwhile to speak to us.

The additional incomes need to be looked, the daily allowance in the Lords, the lenders being able to look at the long term potential of Government and the career path of those in the Civil Service are all factors that need specialist help.

Our Armed Forces do a great job and we want to do a great job for you.

If you are currently stationed overseas with a BFPO address, have a loved one in the UK and you are serving a tour or currently living in barracks and want to get independence, it is important to get good advice on what you are wanting to achieve.

Let us look after your mortgage requirements so you can make the best of the spare time you do have.

Don't panic if your type of job is not listed above. We have helped so many people over the years that whatever you do we can look to help. Your income may be straightforward or complex. We will take the time to learn about what you do, find out how you get paid and what extras you earn and then speak to our lender contacts to find you the best deal.

We are here to help and speaking to us may mean your mortgage potential is better than you thought.

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1 day ago
Here at Perception Finance we pride ourselves on treating our clients as individuals. Based in London, we provide award-winning mortgage and protection advice for a variety of professions including directors, contractors & the self-employed. We will discuss your long-term aims, the different types of mortgage, including contractor mortgages and director mortgages that will be good for the ever increasing income and explain all the factors that matter to you. You are professional and you need a mortgage broker that provides a service to reflect that.