Wednesday 07 February 2018

Top reasons why you need a mortgage advisor

Author: Editorial Team

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Offering expert advice and extensive experience, mortgage advisors can help to guide you through the application process, answer queries and provide essential support while you secure your loan. If you’re unsure if a mortgage advisor is right for you, here are a few reasons why having an expert on side is invaluable.

Expert advice

The most important reason to use a mortgage advisor is to have access to expert advice. Advisors know the mortgage industry inside and out and so are perfectly placed to find and secure the best deals. This can be especially important if your financial circumstances or personal situation is complex. An advisor will be able to take all aspects of your income or requirements into account when searching for your loan.

For the self-employed, those who receive a large percentage of their income in overtime or bonuses, and other people in less orthodox positions, this expert help can make the difference between getting a mortgage and missing out on the chance to buy their own home.

Help and support

If you use a good quality mortgage advisor to apply for your home loan, you’ll be able to rely on their help and support throughout the application process. If you have questions about your application, or if your lender raises any concerns, your advisor will be able to resolve the issue quickly and satisfactorily.


Taking out a mortgage is a major step for many house buyers. Using a mortgage advisor will help to give you the assurance that you’ve found the best deal for your needs and that all parts of the application process were done correctly.

What’s more, if you have any questions about how much you’ll be paying back every month, how much you can overpay and how changes to your personal or professional situation will affect your loan, you can get answers from your advisor within minutes.

Exclusive deals

As mortgage advisors spend all day, every day talking to mortgage providers, they build up personal relationships with lenders. This can result in the advisor having exclusive access to the best deals offered by the provider, something that you, as the client, can then benefit from. As Estate Agent UK Networking says, “Engaging with the best possible broker is always the most beneficial way to save money in the long run.”


Mortgage advisors know exactly what paperwork and information is required to make an application. They know who to speak to, when to submit the information and when to follow it up. If there are any issues with the application, they’ll be able to identify the problem and get it resolved quickly. This can dramatically speed up the mortgage application process so you can get your loan approved as soon as possible.

The expert advice mortgage advisors provide is invaluable. To find out more, or to speak to one of the members of our team, get in touch today.

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Written by: Editorial Team