Mortgages for Directors & Self Employed

You have taken the decision to be self employed be that as a sole trader or as a Limited Company and now you want a mortgage.  It’s possible you have approached your own commercial bank and they have been less than helpful!

Whichever way you have set up your business, , mortgages for directors and the self employed can be challenging and we can help.  For sole traders we can find the right lender based on your net profit history even if that has fluctuated a bit in recent years.  For those that are directors of their own Limited Company we know the lenders that can take a better view on your dividends or net profit to get the best from your accounts.  There are even lenders that can take a look at the situation after just one year of full trading.

The most important thing, no matter what set up you have, is that we can research the market and find you the best option so that you can focus on running your business and making more money.

In the last few years more and more people have set up in business.  We have seen a number of new businesses in our offices in Victoria.  For this reason, more and more lenders are looking at their self employed proposition and looking to enhance this to get a better share of these clients.

If you have at least the one year under your belt then give us a call on 020 3585 4665 or complete the box to the right and we will call you.

Having Trouble Securing a Mortgage?
Don't panic if your type of job is not listed here. We have helped so many people over the years that whatever you do we can look to help. Your income may be straightforward or complex. We will take the time to learn about what you do, find out how you get paid and what extras you earn and then speak to our lender contacts to find you the best deal.

We are here to help and speaking to us may mean your mortgage potential is better than you thought.
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Not all banks and building societies work the same way and each have their own unique ways of assessing what constitutes acceptable income to qualify for a mortgage with them. For someone with a straightforward monthly salary, most lenders will do. For the self employed or directors of limited companies, income is not always as straightforward and to ensure a successful mortgage application one first needs to understand the requirements of the individual lenders when it comes to their treatment of payments such as dividends, or how many years trading accounts they will wish to see. Some lenders may, for example take an average of the last three years income as the amount they will consider as your income for mortgage purposes and it is of course vital to understand each lenders criteria if you are to avoid wasting time approaching lenders that were never going to be the right fit for your specific needs.

At Perception Finance, our extensive experience of arranging mortgages for directors and self employed means that once we’ve looked at your income history, we know which lenders are most likely to provide the solution you are looking for, avoiding unnecessary disappointment and time wasting.

There can be enough stress in running your own business or company, let us help you ensure a stress free mortgage process by finding you the lender that best suits your individual needs.