Wednesday 19 July 2017

Tips on finding the perfect mortgage advisor for you

Author: Andrew Page

Mortgage advice

When applying for your mortgage, it’s important to find a mortgage advisor who inspires confidence. They’ll be handling your all-important mortgage – you need to know they can handle your needs competently. But how do you find that perfect mortgage advisor? Read on for our top tips to finding ‘the one’!

To invest or not invest

A mortgage advisor is optional, and some people feel they don’t really need one. However, it is an extraordinary comfort to know someone is trying to get the best deal for you. Their experience of navigating the complex world of mortgages and banks is invaluable.

A mortgage advisor can give you sound advice on what you can afford, the various costs that will be involved in securing your mortgage and which mortgage is best for you. Their expert advice will save you the headache of undertaking the research yourself and will help you to avoid any mistakes. An advisor can help explain anything that appears complicated.

Picking the right person for the job: why experience matters

When shopping around for a mortgage advisor, look for experience and good reviews. It’s a good idea to go with an advisor who has a good few years’ worth of experience of the housing market . This way you can be fully confident they have the expertise and experience required to secure you the right mortgage for you.

An experienced broker will also be more likely to have strong connections with both lenders and insurers, which will go a long way ensuring that you get the best deal for you.

Find someone you feel comfortable with

Like all good business interactions, the chemistry between the client and the service provider counts for a lot. You want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the advisor in question – do you feel that you can trust them to find you the best deal? Do you feel comfortable asking them questions? Do you feel confident in their expertise? Take the time to find someone that boosts your confidence and helps put you at ease about the process.

Consider fees

In addition, most mortgage advisors will charge a fee, so be sure that you are confident with the cost of an advisor before you agree to do business with them. Factor in the costs of a mortgage advisor along with your other mortgage fees.

Finding the mortgage advisor for you

Finding the right mortgage advisor is simpler than it first appears; be sure that you go with an experienced advisor and that you feel comfortable with their approach to business.

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Written by: Andrew Page