Wednesday 19 June 2019

Mortgage lenders criticised for not catering for the self-employed

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Recent reports have criticised banks and lenders for limiting mortgage products that fit self-employed customers. It confirms what many people have long known – being self-employed has good and bad points, however a major con is the difficulty of securing a mortgage. But all is not lost for self-employed customers.

Mortgages for self-employed customers

The Mortgage Lender Show has released research that confirms what Which?, the consumer organisation, has been reporting for some time. Being self-employed is one of the 10 factors that could potentially ruin a customer’s chances of securing a mortgage.

The study was based on sole traders, contractors and people running businesses in London with fewer than 10 employees. The picture is likely to be the same nationwide, a factor that is backed up by the findings.

Over half a million self-employed customers said they felt discriminated against by mortgage lenders. People also said they would live in another property if they were paid the same and employed; they felt they had to make different choices due to their self-employed status.

Another difficulty that was highlighted for self-employed mortgage customers was supplying the information that mortgage lenders asked for. Over half of customers said they found this a struggle.

The backbone of the UK economy

The difficulties of mortgages for self-employed customers highlighted is a stark contrast to how self-employed people are often described. People who start and run their own business – as well as hire a small number of employees – are said to act as the ‘backbone of the economy’.

In recent years, more people have taken the plunge, turning their entrepreneurial skills to starting a small business. Since 2000, @simplybusiness say that there has been a rapid rise in self-employment but the lenders and banks don’t seem to have kept pace with the change. In 2018, there were 4.8 million self-employed people in the UK, a rise of over 1 million from the previous year.

Mortgage refusals

There are many reasons why mortgages are refused and knowing what these are means you can improve your chances of a successful mortgage application. Which? lists the top 10 reasons with self-employment being at number seven with outstanding debt being in the top spot. A bad credit score ranks second, followed by no credit history, not being on the electoral register and buying a ‘non-standard’ property.

Attempting to borrow more than the customer can afford was also a prime reason for a mortgage refusal, along with lifestyle changes such as divorce or starting a family. Mistakes on the application form loomed large as a reason for refusal.

Successfully applying for a mortgage

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