Wednesday 20 November 2019

Important information on moving to a new house with your cat

Author: Cambridge Web Marketing

Cats are very sensitive and can struggle with a move to a new home more than anyone else in the family. However, with preparation and plenty of attention, your cat will settle quickly into their new pad.


Keep your routine the same

With half-packed boxes and all kinds of other things happening in the run-up to moving day, it’s easy for cats to become spooked. Even with boxes and things all over the place, try to stick to the routine that they’re used to – from feeding time to playtime.

Create a quiet zone

It can be hard with so much to do and the house in a state of upheaval to find a space where your cat feels calm and content. If possible, pack up one room before all the others to create a quiet zone where your cat can access their bed, toys, and food in relative calm.

Put out the travelling box

Not all cats enjoy being in their cat basket, usually associating it with a trip to the vet! But cat behavioural experts agree that by putting the carrying case out, your cat can take their time in getting used to it. You may even find that they go in it of their own accord.

Consider using specialist pheromone products

A very nervous or anxious cat is not a happy one and if all else seems to be failing, pheromone products could be the way to ensure that they’re calmer as the big day approaches. The chemicals are undetectable to us, but when released into the air they’re soothing for cats. You can use them in your new home too.


Time to adjust

A cat will need time to adjust and to realise that the place they are now in, is their new home. Advice on how long to keep cats indoors at their new home varies, although @PurinaOneCat suggest that a week should be long enough for a cat to understand that this new place is their home and the place to which they should find their way back. Older cats or cats that are anxious and very stressed by the move should be given more time indoors to adjust.

Register with the local vet and keep microchip information up to date

If you’re moving out of your area, the new surroundings will remain unfamiliar to your cat for some time. Even though they have an excellent internal compass, cats can easily be lost and when they are, you need to make sure that you have the ability to find them.

Registering with your local vet is helpful as many people will take lost cats to local vets. Making sure their microchip information is up to date is important and can mean finding your cat is only a phone call away.

Many cats settle quickly into their new home and by being organised, you can help them enjoy the move just as much as you.

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Written by: Cambridge Web Marketing