Wednesday 27 November 2019

Preparing your pets for moving day

Author: Cambridge Web Marketing

Change is stressful and although you sorely need this move to a new property, all the packing and organising is making it tough to handle. For your pets, moving day is a worrying blur of people, boxes, and changes in routine. While some pets don’t seem overly bothered, for others, it can be a real test. Just how can you smooth the waters and make moving day less stressful?

Keep old routines

The one thing about moving day that upsets pets, puts Fido on top alert, and keeps Kitty out all night is the sudden change in routine. Accompanied by boxes and items being all over the place, it can be difficult for pets to settle. For dogs especially, it’s important to keep to their routine as much as possible and so stick to the morning walk and their afternoon play in the dog park.

Make sure tags and microchip information is up to date

Startled and anxious, it’s not uncommon to find pets go walkabout. Finding your dog or cat can be hard to do, especially if they decide to hide away somewhere. Making sure their collars and microchips are up to date is essential.

Get down on the floor with them

Your pets look to your for guidance and as @The_Bark point out, dogs, in particular, will often mirror our mood. They understand when we’re scared or stressed with their behaviour being a direct reaction to how we’re feeling. With moving day being so stressful for everyone, it will do you good as well as your pet to enjoy some downtime.

And there’s nothing better than playing with your dog or schmoozing with your cat. Some experts suggest that getting down on the floor to play and cuddle with pets is the best way of alleviating their anxiety, and reassuring them that everything is OK.

Stick with their toys and bedding rather than buying new

The temptation is to buy new things once you’re in your new home, thinking that a new fluffy, comfy bed is a treat for your pet. The truth is, the opposite could be true.

Even dogs who are used to being left for periods of time at home can find a new home difficult to get used to. And so, rather than buying new toys and bedding, stick with their current ones, so that they have familiar things surrounding them in their new place.

Treats and chews to keep them occupied

Helping them get used to their new surroundings is important too. As well as sticking to their familiar routine, along with plenty of play, encourage them to explore their surroundings, and to enjoy it by giving them plenty of treats and chews, so that they learn to be calm.

Patience and time

Just like we need time to get used to a new home, new mortgage, and different surroundings, so too do our pets. It can take time to get used to all this change but with plenty of patience, your pets will enjoy their new home just as much as you!

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Written by: Cambridge Web Marketing