Wednesday 13 November 2019

Moving means more than mortgages – make sure it’s stress free for your canine companions

Author: Cambridge Web Marketing

For you, moving day is exciting. While you may be looking forward to it, moving day and the days leading up to it can be very stressful, especially for your man’s best friend. But just how do you make all this change and uncertainty less stressful for your dog?

Consider kennels or time spent with friends

Dogs are intuitive and can be easily unsettled by packing boxes, as well as their owners’ stress levels creeping up as the big day draws closer. The problem is, you can’t explain that all this stress and excitement will lead to something better and so, if your dogs are struggling to cope – why not consider a short stay at kennels (if they’re used to that), or ask a friend or relative to look after your dog until after the move is complete?

Set aside a quiet room

If you choose to keep your dogs with you during the move, they’ll find it a lot less stressful if they’re away from the main bustle and noise of the room.

Set aside a quiet room where they can stay calm. Keep their toys and bedding with them so that they have familiar things and smells to calm them too.

Make sure their ID tag and chip details are up to date

Some dogs are easily startled and scared. Loud noises, as @CareDotCom point out, can soon send your pooch into a tailspin. The loud noises of moving can see them exhibit a mild fear response such as shaking and when they’re startled and see an open door, it could be that they bolt to find a safe space.

If this does happen, you want to be able to find them again, so make sure your contact details are up to date and keep your dog safe in a quiet room or in the garden where they are away from the noise.

Give them plenty of attention

As pack leader, dogs will look to you for clues and guidance on how they are to react in certain situations. You may be busy, but still, give your dog plenty of attention and, if possible, stick to their normal routine.

It goes without saying that a long walk and plenty of play will always help your dog be more settled during this time of change.

Pack their toys and bedding last

And finally, with all your furniture and possessions packed into the removals van and the keys to your new home in your hand, one of the last things you should do is pack your dog’s toys, bedding and anything else that they regard as their own. Put these into your car and make sure that they’re among the first things brought out at your new home.

Moving day is exciting!

With your new mortgage in place and the move organised well in advance of the big day, you’ll find that your canine companion is just as excited as you are!

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Written by: Cambridge Web Marketing