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Every one is different so we treat you as such.  There is no one mortgage solution to fit all people and whether you are a first time buyer, looking to move, remortgage or arrange a buy-to-let we are where to help.

With the ever changing regulation of mortgages, the lenders making alterations to the criteria from one week to the next and the interest rates constantly moving, trying to keep on top of how the market affects you is getting harder all the time.  At Perception we listen to your needs, take the time to find the lenders that will consider what you are wanting to do and then make the recommendation without you having to contact every bank and building society.

As the economy recovers the number of lenders is likely to increase which is great for competition but can be extremely difficult to find the right one for you.  There are also lenders that you can only apply with through a broker so you would not want to exclude those options as they may be the one for you.

Follow the links to your specific situation above or try out our mortgage finder below.  We want to talk to you as well to give you that personal service we are proud of so please do get in touch.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage


Having Trouble Securing a Mortgage?
Don't panic if your type of job is not listed here. We have helped so many people over the years that whatever you do we can look to help. Your income may be straightforward or complex. We will take the time to learn about what you do, find out how you get paid and what extras you earn and then speak to our lender contacts to find you the best deal.

We are here to help and speaking to us may mean your mortgage potential is better than you thought.